Marathias is a small picturesque fishing village on the west coast of the Corinthian Gulf in Phocis, just 15 km from Nafpaktos. The beach area from Fokiotrypa to Skaloma is ideal for swimming. Rightfully it has honored with the Golden Starfish for its beautiful beach and the crystal clear sea. On the western edge of the village and next to our hotel is the chapel of Our Lady, by the sea and under the shade of tall plane trees. Ii is being celebrated on August 23 and attracts many pilgrims. Marathias is a holiday destination. Each summer, but also in carnival time and Easter, gathers local and foreign tourists for its beauty and clean sea. It has several small modern hotels and inns, taverns, ouzerias and coffee shops.

Orini Nafpaktia

One of the most famous destinations in Greece, the mountainous Nafpaktia with a magnificent nature and small villages is certainly one of the places you should visit. Ano Chora, Kato Chora, Elatou, Limnista, Platanos, Ampelakiotissa, are only some of the beautiful stone villages of Nafpaktia. Just one hour from Marathia, combine your visit to our village with an excursion in the mountains of Nafpaktia.


Nafpaktos is a beautiful town, built amphitheater in the pine-covered slope. The well-preserved Venetian castle with successive rows of walls from the top of the hill leads to the beautiful picturesque Venetian harbor with the two towers at the entrance that charms even the most demanding guests. In Nafpaktos town, with tourists during the whole year, increasing during the summer months, the visitor will find a way to be entertained in the city center, the two beautiful beaches of Gribovo and Psani and at the castle hill overlooking the sea .


Famous in ancient times thanks to its famous oracle , the (ancient) city of Delphi continues to attract visitors from every corner of the world. A journey through time, in a part of Greek land in nails. The majesty of the site of the Oracle of Delphi is unsurpassed: buildings vestiges of antiquity arriving in the legend boundaries, the incredible mystical process of prophesying that took place here, the sanctity and respect with which they faced the Oracle Ancient, but also the unique Delphic Landscape complete a picture that is classified as "life experiences".


Trizonia island is a ... stride from the shore, just 500 meters from the beaches of Fokida and specifically the villages Spilia and Glyfada. Fishing boats take one behind the other, in a few minutes, those who are seeking to enjoy a few moments of calm and do their swim on clean beaches of this small island with corners that seem to come from another era. An island-ideal destination for day trips, family holidays and for those who are looking for tranquility, a place that serves as a stopover for yachts directed by the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea to the Gulf of Patras and the Ionian and vice versa.



• Ag.Ioannis Vomvokous

• Our Lady of Varnakova

• Holy Metamorfosis, Scala

• St. Augustine Hipponos and Seraphim of Sarov Trikorfo.