Local Information

Marathias is a small beautiful fishing village, on the west coast of the Corinthian Gulf in Fokida, just 15km from Nafpaktos. The beach in the area, extending from Fokiotripa to Skaloma, is ideal for swimming. Its distinctive character includes low houses with tiles, beaches with pebbles and of course plenty of fresh fish! It has rightly been honored with the Golden Star for the beautiful beach and its crystal-clear waters […]

Nearby destinations in Fokida

The area of Fokida has several places worth visiting. Delphi, also known as the “Navel of the Earth” and its unique archaeological site is one of the most important and richest sites in Greece. Amfissa, the capital of the prefecture, located between the mountains of Giona and Parnassos, is known for the olive grove that surrounds it, but also for its castle that was the first to become liberated during the Greek Revolution of 1821. You cannot of course miss a tour to Mornos Valley, one of the most important mountainous landscapes in the country with its artificial lake and one of the largest dams in Europe. […]


Nafpaktos is one of the most beautiful cities in Etoloakarnania with great historical importance, reflected in its two great monuments: the verdant Venetian castle and the Venetian port. Its castle is one of the best-preserved forts with a wonderful view of the whole city as well as the port and the Gulf of Corinth with the impressive bridge of Rio-Antirrio dominating the horizon […]

Mountainous Nafpaktia

At the eastern part of Etoloakarnania, north of Nafpaktos and between Lake Trichonida and Fokida, are the villages of Mountainous Nafpaktia (the well-known Kravara for the older ones), which are scattered all around the overgrown mountain […]


Famous in ancient times thanks to its famous oracle , the (ancient) city of Delphi continues to attract visitors from every corner of the world. A journey through time, in a part of Greek land in nails.  […]


Trizonia, located at a distance of just 500 meters from the coast of Fokida and specifically from the villages of Spilia and Glyfada, is the only inhabited island of the Corinthian Gulf. The only access is possible by boat from the village of Chania […]

Religious Monuments

There are plenty of religious monuments on can visit at a close distance from our hotel […]