Nearby destinations in Fokida

The area of Fokida has several places worth visiting. Delphi, also known as the “Navel of the Earth” and its unique archaeological site is one of the most important and richest sites in Greece. Amfissa, the capital of the prefecture, located between the mountains of Giona and Parnassos, is known for the olive grove that surrounds it, but also for its castle that was the first to become liberated during the Greek Revolution of 1821. You cannot of course miss a tour to Mornos Valley, one of the most important mountainous landscapes in the country with its artificial lake and one of the largest dams in Europe. Worth noting is the “Riviera” of Fokida with its beautiful, picturesque seaside villages with a backdrop of the beautiful blue of the Corinthian gulf. The beach of Itea, the naval state of Galaxidi, Eratini, the lush coastal settlement of Agios Nikolaos, Glyfada from where visitors can take the boat to Trizonia, the only inhabited island of Corinth, the beach of Sergoula with the impressive plane trees, the organized village of Marathias, where our hotel is located, Skaloma with its picturesque creek, the Monastery of Fokida, amphitheatrically built with narrow streets and the sandy beach of Chiliadou, just before the city of Nafpaktos, plus a long list of shores and beaches that stand out for their unique and clear blue waters can definitely meet every visitor’s expectations.