Special group retreat



7 day rejuvenated Retreat at the land of Lepando

Recharge your energy by meeting Pythia’s oracle in Delphi and by walking through the stadium of Olympia and please your senses in unexplored outstanding places.

At this unique retreat participants will get initiated to the most sacred places in Greece. They will start their journey staying at a magnificent and peaceful place in between the famous Olympia and Delphi nearby Lepando city.

All the activities will take place here between a beautiful cool oak trees garden and a private beach. The participants will be rejuvenated by visiting Ancient Olympia and get an insight of the true Olympic spirit. They will experience the authentic values of the Olympic Games that bring a true meaning in life. They will get enlightened by Apollo’s wisdom and get initiated by Pythia’s oracle at the Delphi sacred site accompanied by a mystic guide. They will be revealed to the secrets of ages. They will also get the feeling as spectators imagine how the Greek tragedies were performed at the ancient theatre of Plevrona city with a fantastic view and tey will peace their minds walking through the nearby lagoon of Messologgi.

The journey also includes a visit to the picturesque old city of Lepando and its medieval castle, a storyteller walk through history.

The participants will daily enjoy the nightlife and gastronomy of Greece with delightful stops to the traditional town of Galaxidi, the picturesque island of Trizonia and the pretty port of Lepando ending up with a traditional Greek party at the beach bar of the hotel.

Of course, they will have a daily free time for a swimming at the sea crystal waters


  • Target group: Adults
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Dates: 23 – 30 August, 1 September – 8 September
  • Ideal for yoga, dance, school, organisation or other groups
  • Min. participants: 20 people
  • Max. participants: 35 people


  • Local expertise guide for initiation in the ancient areas and the local activities
  • Unique places to visit
  • Location: Lepando town, Delphi, Olympia

For any queries, please contact Rosella Rubini at info@inroi.org or call us at +30 6906642263 /+30 6906126110

15 days FREE yoga classes for our September guests

Please note, classes will be delivered only if the number of participants is sufficient (10 persons)