Local Information

Marathias is a small beautiful fishing village, on the west coast of the Corinthian Gulf in Fokida, just 15km from Nafpaktos. The beach in the area, extending from Fokiotripa to Skaloma, is ideal for swimming. Its distinctive character includes low houses with tiles, beaches with pebbles and of course plenty of fresh fish! It has rightly been honored with the Golden Star for the beautiful beach and its crystal-clear waters. A walk in the village center and a visit to the Holy Temple of St. John the Baptist is also a worthwhile choice! At the western end of the village, just a few steps from our hotel, you will find the chapel of Panagia, located by the sea and under the shade of the tall plane trees. The celebration of the 23rd of August gathers many pilgrims. Marathias is a holiday destination with traditional taverns, ouzo bars, cafes, kiosks, and mini markets at its center. From spring until autumn, it is one of the favorite destinations of both local and foreign vacationers!